Our Quintessence

From the land of cultural enlightenment and renaissance comes Officine Gullo, one of the world’s leading artisans in professional home kitchens. Based in Florence, Italy, we create handcrafted masterpieces in Florence’s signature metalwork style.  At one point, our pieces were even forged in the same foundries that created high art. Today, each of our master kitchens show off a bespoke design, sophisticated engine and the experience of premium restaurant cooking. 

The opulence of each cabinet, knob and metalwork detail is the fruit of an endless quest for beauty, the very thing that set apart the art of this city from the rest of the world. Within each masterpiece lives the rich tradition of dinners at sunset, generous rounds of red wine and lingering conversations. They are living sculptures that embody la dolce vita, the good life. Beyond the good life, they remind us what lies at the heart of life. 


“Florence is the place where I realized that it is not all about the sea, there is the land too. The land of culture, ideas, traditions, humanism. It is the place where I realized what civilization was and what it can be.”

- Eugenio Montale, Italian poet

A Statement In Any Space

Our unique kitchens have proven to be such stand-out pieces that they instantly transform any space they enter. Come with us as we start inside the home and follow our kitchens out into their different environments and settings. 

What is the fatal charm of Italy? I believe that is a certain permission to be human, which other places, other countries, lost long ago.
— Erica Jong, modern American writer

The Journey of Each Kitchen

In line with Florence’s long-standing tradition of precision mechanics, each of our professional kitchens is meticulously engineered and carefully handcrafted. Resembling luxury automobiles in the power of their engines, our fine kitchens are high-performance machines encased in classical structures. In addition to modern-day foundry work, our kitchens are also produced with one of the most prestigious and ancient of casting techniques used for works of art.

The creation of each kitchen starts with a vision. Once the design plans are approved, ideas begin to come to life in the workshop. The artisans start by working on the 3mm thick steel plates that make up the shelves and cabinets. Next comes the handcrafting of the delicate knobs and frames. Finishing touches feature our best traditional materials of burnished brass and silver. Finally, the kitchen is assembled for dress rehearsal as it is checked for precision before its long-awaited unveil. 


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